BENTLEY EYEWEAR: A Vision of Luxury for Gentlemen.

When you think of high-end automobiles, you must think of Bentley Motors. Likewise, when you consider limited-edition high-fashion (and high-dollar) men eyewear, you must think of Estede. So it is natural that Estede has built on Bentley’s proud heritage and its long tradition of design with a collection it calls Bentley Eyewear.

Despite their steep prices, the limited series of solid-gold sunglasses are exceeding sales expectations, particularly in the main markets of Hong Kong, China and Russia.

Fans of Bentley can wear fashion inspired by their favorite cars on their head with the new additions to the Bentley Eyewear catalog. Bentley notes that these handcrafted pieces on Bentley Glasses reflect “many of the superlative qualities displayed in the marque’s model range.”

The styles are timeless but modern in shape, available in either 18-carat solid gold, silver palladium or platinum. In all their forms, the Bentley Collection can be seen as the epitome of luxury eyewear.

The characteristic Bentley logo settled in hand-polished enamel coating, as well as the carefully engraved surfaces -- which reflect the quilted leather design -- are some of the unique elements of this first collection. Although the materials denote exclusive and exceptional luxury, the styles themselves are easy to wear, simple and informal.

As you might expect about sunglasses that cost from $14,500 to more than $45,000, each pair is made to order, individually numbered and limited to 100 pieces per color variation. The Zeiss polarized lenses provide improved vision in strong light conditions, and the sunglasses come with a leather presentation box and a hard case made to fit into the console of the Bentley Mulsanne.

The newest eyeglasses and sunglasses, made of Beta titanium fused with 23.5-karat gold and palladium, deliver luxury with minimalist styling. B-Light Titanium pieces are handmade in Japan using only the finest materials, and discreetly incorporate an interpretation of Bentley’s classic diamond-knurling design and the Bentley B logo covered with a unique enamel coating.

These glasses are created in cooperation with Estede Austria, a bespoke eye creator based out of Austria. There are a total of 13 new models added to the collection, all of which can be ordered in a combination of 60 different colors and materials. The collections utilize materials such as precious metals, exquisite gem stones, fine woods and natural buffalo horn.

Skilled craftsmen and women apply technically advanced surface treatments by hand. Each piece is individually crafted for the customer and has a serial number hand-engraved onto them. They also come in their own custom-made packaging.


The Bentley Eyewear Collection reflects the epitome of luxury men eyewear. As precious as a Bentley itself, each piece is skillfully handcrafted to order and represents the perfect choice for drivers who are every bit as exacting about their eyewear as they are their cars. If you are successful men who also a big fan of Bentley car, you have to have a Bentley Eyewear in your collection.